The Henri Capitant Association of Friends of French Legal Culture, which this year celebrates its 75 years in existence, has developed various actions which all aim at the developement of the methods and values of continental or civil legal culture.

The Association organises several Congresses. To start with, the International Meetings, which have taken place since the founding of the Association, have led to regular publications amounting presently to more than 60 volumes. These Meetings, which take place every year and concentrate on a topic related to different branches of law (private or public law, national and international law), bring together specialists of law from more than 30 countries from all over Europe, America, Africa and Asia. In recent years, the Henri Capitant Association has also organised International Sessions on a smaller scale where two or more groups exchange points of view on current issues. In addition, National Meetings are also organised in each country in order to reach its national audience and, in France, to focus on a precise legal issue or the works of one particular major author.
The Henri Capitant Association has concentrated on French Civil Law Reform which was initiated at the beginning of the twenty first century. Thus, three main Study Groups supported by the Association have concentrated on the reform of Security interest Law presently enacted, and proposed drafts of a reform of the Law of Obligations and also of Property Law. In the same way, the Association has actively participated in the european group in charge of the Common Frame of Reference in order to build a new contractual european law.
Lastly, special mention must be made of the Legal Dictionary (Vocabulaire Juridique) which was first edited by Henri Capitant in 1936, and then entirely remodeled under the direction of the late Gérard Cornu who was also responsible for the different editions published during the last 25 years. This Dictionary has reached a very large international audience, as evidenced by the numerous translations into various languages.

N°9 31 December 2015